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Editorial services – Ivano Mugnaini

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As a consultant to some publishers, I read manuscripts, novels, poetry and essays.
In case of positive evaluation, the manuscript will be proposed and recommended, in agreement with the author, to the publishers.

For submission of manuscripts, or for further information write to :

I run literary translations from English into Italian and Italian into English.
In addition to literary texts, novels, short stories, poems and essays, I set the publishing and translation of:

> Synopsis
> Journalistic articles
> Biographies
> Blogs
> Press releases
> Editorials
> Forewords
> Interviews
> Newspapers and magazines
> TV and radio programs
> Pages and social media accounts
> Reviews
> Reportage
> Screenplays
> Web Sites
> Film texts
> Music texts
> Theatre texts.

Accuracy and punctuality are the guarantee that I offer to all those who need targeted translation services, always respectful of the style of the author.

Thanks to my contacts (social and professional network) I can suggest and promote social media marketing strategies.

For further information write to :

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